Harassment warning for County Durham woman

A woman from County Durham has been given a harassment warning by police for sending abusive messages on Facebook to the family of a toddler who went missing more than 30 years ago.

Katrice Lee disappeared at the age of two while her mother went shopping in Paderborn, Germany, in November 1981.

The family have recently received an apology from the Government about how the original Royal Military Police investigation of the case was handled.

But earlier this year the family were contacted by a woman claiming to be missing Katrice.

However, after the RMP looked into the claims, including a DNA test, it was found that the woman was not her.

The woman, from Bishop Auckland, County Durham, then sent abusive messages to Katrice's mother and to her sister, Natasha.

"Following an allegation of online harassment by the family in the Hampshire area, a harassment warning was issued to a 32-year-old woman from the Bishop Auckland area.

The protection from harassment warning was formally issued by ourselves on behalf of the Royal Military Police."

– Durham Police