Family's faith in Northallerton GP accused of misconduct

The family of Dr Derek Keilloh, who was was found guilty of misconduct following the death of an Iraqi detainee, say he is an excellent GP.

Dr Kellioh will learn today if he will be struck off or suspended from the medical register following the death of 26-year-old Baha Mousa in 2003.

Today, Dr Keilloh's parents in law said they still had faith in him and that he had been naive rather than negligent.

The Medical Practitioners' Tribunal Service said Dr Keilloh, failed in patient care, disregarded health and safety of detainees and had repeatedly been dishonest.

We believe in our son in law Derek Keilloh. We have faith in his honesty and integrity. We abhor any form of inhumane treatment. "We believe that the way in which he is being treated is wrong. He did not know thattorture was happening. "I can remember him saying to me some years ago: ‘I was naïve – I did not think that

this sort of thing happened in the British Army’

– Robert and Judith Nicholls