Morpeth flooding victim faces Christmas out of home

A businessman, who was a victim of flooding on Thunder Thursday earlier this year, is set to face Christmas out of his home and business.

Paul Gillie from Morpeth had to evacuate guests from his B&B when the River Wansbeck once again burst its bank - for the second time in four years.

A month's rain fell in 24 hours in the Northumberland town.

Mr Gillie is expecting to get the keys back to his home in the new year.

"It should never have happened but here we are, four years of talking, four years of no action and this is the result, this is the reward for it all."

– Paul Gillie

Northumberland County Council has allocated £12 million, with an additional £10.6 million coming from the Northumbria Regional Flood and Coastal Committee, towards the building of flood defences - plans that have been given the go-ahead to start in the new year.