Police dismantle cannabis farm in Sunderland

Police photo of the cannabis farm discovered in Sunderland. Credit: Northumbria Police

Police in Sunderland have dismantled a second cannabis farm as part of an operation to tackle cannabis farms in the area.

The farm was discovered on Friday 4th January 2013, in the attic and a bedroom of an upstairs flat at Otto Terrace, Thornhill.

An estimated 400 plants were recovered along with cultivation equipment including hydroponic equipment, lighting and heating sheets.

Two men aged 40 and 43 have been arrested on suspicion of producing a controlled drug.

On Wednesday, 2nd January, a cannabis farm on St Mark's Road, was dismantled. Around 200 plants were recovered along with cultivation equipment. One man has been charged with producing a controlled drug in connection with the cannabis farm at that property on St Mark's Road.