Fascist study centre to open on Teesside

A centre dedicated to studying the extreme far right and anti-Muslim attacks has been established by Teesside University.

The Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-Fascist Studies will look at the historical developments of far-right politics.

Professor Nigel Copsey, along with his colleague, Dr Matthew Feldman, will open the centre at an event to commemorate National Holocaust Memorial Day later this month.

Over the last year there is no evidence for increased support for the far right. The BNP are fragmented and split and there is growing disillusionment with the EDL.

All these developments mean we argue it could lead right-wing extremists to think of more extreme actions, like Breivik.

I'm not saying this will definitely happen but, because of the developments in the far right, there's a vacuum and it raises the potential for more violent actions.

The centre will also look at the opposition to far-right groups and how successful anti-fascist protests are, as well as far-right anti-Muslim activity.

– Professor Nigel Copsey, Teesside University

An important development in radical right activism this century is, without doubt, the turn from anti-Semitism toward anti-Muslim politics.

One of the things we will be looking at is a quantifiable analysis of far right participation in anti-Muslim attacks.

– Dr Matthew Feldman,Teesside University