Cannabis farm unearthed in Hebburn

The plants were seized from properties in Hebburn Credit: Northumbria Police

Police have unearthed cannabis farms at neighbouring houses in Hebburn.

Officers made the discovery of around one hundred cannabis plants after warrants were executed at two addresses on Victoria Road East, on Wednesday January 23rd.

Enquiries are now underway in relation to the discovery.

Ian King, Neighbourhood Inspector for Hebburn, said:

"Northumbria Police actively target the production and supply of drugs in South Tyneside and will seek to take action in relation to intelligence received.

"This recovery demonstrates our commitment to removing drugs from the hands of criminals and has stopped a significant amount of cannabis from being distributed in our communities.

"We would encourage people to contact us if they suspect a property is being used to produce drugs.

"Tell tale signs include people arriving at unusual hours, a pungent aroma in the area, blacked out windows or bright lights coming from a number of windows throughout the night.

"I'd also like to remind landlords just how important it is for them to look for signs regarding cannabis farms. We know from previous experience that those setting up farms often pay a large amount of rent up front in cash top keep landlords away.

"It's vital they check on their property regularly as the damage caused to homes by the setting up a farm is often more costly in the long run.

"By working together, we can put a stop to drug offences in South Tyneside."