Sunderland off-licence banned from selling alcohol

A Sunderland off licence has been banned from selling alcohol after complaints of underage sales by police.

Rye and Dry off-licence, on Ryhope Street, had its licence revoked following a hearing of Sunderland City Council's Licensing Committee, on January 17.

The move follows two seperate incidents, in October and November 2012, in which young people carrying alcohol were stopped by police.

On both occasions, Rye and Dry was named as the shop it was bought from.

"We know that children who are able to buy alcohol are far more likely to become involved in anti-social behaviour.

Dealing with youth disorder is a priority for us and a main concern of our residents. Shops which ignore the law and sell alcohol to children must take responsibility for their actions.

Officers make regular checks on pubs, bars and off-licences to make sure their staff are aware of the licensing regulations and their responsibilities to the public.

Rye and Dry losing their licence should serve as a warning to other businesses that police will not tolerate this kind of behaviour."

– Jamie Southwell, Neighbourhood Inspector for the area