University redundancies

Northumbria University has offered hundreds of its members of staff the chance to apply for voluntary redundancy.

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Statement from Northumbria University

Northumbria University have released a statement with regard to the news that hundreds of members of its staff will be offered voluntary redundancy in an effort to make itself "moreefficient and effective" in the future.

“Higher education is undergoing massive change at the moment.

We are now operating in an increasingly challenging environment.

To ensure our continued success, we are looking at ways of better supporting the University’s business to put us in a strong position to meet our students’ needs.

While some roles may be reshaped, new opportunities will also become available to others.

Support staff will continue to provide roles which are critical to our success and we are committed to avoiding compulsory redundancies.

A discretionary voluntary severance scheme is available to staff in some areas.”

– Spokesperson for Northumbria University

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