Poisonous spiders discovered on Teesside

A Black Widow which was discovered on Teesside Credit: Naturally Wild

Black Widow spiders have been recovered from a business on Teesside.

They were discovered by employees at a company which does not want to be named.

It's thought that the highly poisonous North American spiders may have travelled to the UK in a freight shipment.

They were caught by wildlife expert Jack Fenwick from Guisborough-based Naturally Wild Consultants.

Mr Fenwick said that, while the Black Widow is highly venomous, fatalities from bites are rare.


Deadly spiders found on Teesside

Highly venomous Black Widow spiders have been discovered at a business on Teesside. The arachnids, which have a venom that is thought to be 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake’s, are thought to have hidden in an industrial freight.