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WEATHER: Rest of the weekend

Blyth sunrise by JOHN GREEN


Clear skies today bring an early frost this evening. Lows down to -2C. This will be replaced by an area of rain from the northwest.

This could bring a temporary covering of snow for the hills as it meets the cold air. As the rain hits subzero surfaces ice could be a problem for the middle part of the night. By dawn milder and cloudier weather wins with a strong westerly breeze.


Less cold but more cloud. Outbreaks of rain during the morning should ease. Sunny spells should develop later. Temperatures back up to 8/9C and remaining breezy.


Colder, showery and windy.

The winds veer to the north by midweek, increasing the risk of any showers to turn wintry. A return to overnight frosts and the risk of ice. Winds strong to gale force at times and cold - big wind chill factor.

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