Newcastle City Hall saved

The historic music venue has been saved from council budget cuts, after bosses at the Theatre Royal agreed to take it over.

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Council leader: City Hall has 'bright future'

The leader of Newcastle City Council has confirmed to ITV News that the historic music venue, the City Hall, is safe from closure. Nick Forbes said that a partnership with the Theatre Royal would give it "a bright future."

He also said there would be investment in the venues catering facilities to help it pay its way in the years to come.

The venue had been threatened with closure due to council budgets cuts, and plans to close the City Pool, which is in the same building.

13,000 people signed a petition calling for it to be saved, as a vital part of the city's musical and cultural heritage.

Mr Forbes praised the North East Music History society for working with the council to save the venue.

"I’m really pleased to confirm that there are no plans to close the City Hall. In fact what we’re doing is we’re working closely with the Theatre Royal on a new arrangement, so that it can have a long future.

The aim is to make the City Hall stand on its own two feet, and that includes some internal works to improve the catering facilities, extend the café area so it can generate more revenue income."

– Nick Forbes, Newcastle City Council leader

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