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Gateshead Council reassures parents that no horse meat found in school meals

In light of the FSA's report, released today, that announced that horse meat has been found in some school meals in Lancashire, Gateshead Council have released the following statement about schools in the area and their provision of school meals:

I am happy to reassure parents that the fresh meat in meals served in Gateshead schools is locally-sourced and does not contain horse meat.

We use a highly-reputable Gateshead-based catering butcher for all of

our meat supplies. The meat they supply us with is locally-sourced and

comes mostly from farms in the North of England via abattoirs which do

not slaughter horses.

As a result, we currently have no plans to remove beef from school menus.

Parents rightly demand that we only serve high-quality and fully-traceable meat to their children that is prepared fresh each day. That’s exactly what we do.

– Dale Robson, Service Director for Transport, Cleaning and Catering at Gateshead Council

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