Young drivers priced off the roads as costs soar

A new report has suggested that young drivers are being priced off the roads as the cost of motoring soars. Motoring costs could reach 135 billion pounds by 2023.

Some car owners worry that motoring costs, including petrol and insurance, will double over the next decade to rise up to £4580 per year.

The 'Future of Motoring' report by Auto Trader found that out of those surveyed over half believe that they could not afford to be a first time driver today.

98% also think that the government is not doing enough to support road users of the future.

Almost half of motorists believe they will be forced to reduce the amount they drive and the number of people buying more efficient vehicles is set to increase.

Other trends include car-pooling, with the number of people sharing journeys set to treble as people attempt to reduce costs.