Demolition in Scarborough

Work to demolish homes, left dangerously close to the edge of a cliff in North Yorkshire, has begun. A land slip, last month, left four properties at Knipe Point in danger of collapse.

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Demolition work begins in Scarborough

Diggers have begun work at Knipe Point. Credit: ITV

The digger moves in to start demolition work on four houses at Knipe Point in Scarborough. Contractors say it will probably take a couple of days to complete the work. There are more than fifty houses on the estate.

Malcolm Pirks from the Knipe Point Residents' Association said: "I feel very sad really, because when you can look around you, you can imagine that a large majority of the residents are pensioners. I must think how they feel today, not knowing whether they are going to be next."

Four properties are affected by the slippage. Credit: ITV

Mr Pirks believes a number of residents may only receive half the value of their properties from insurance companies. That will be in the region of seven thousand pounds.

Demolition worker were on site early this morning Credit: ITV

Demolition work is due to start on homes left dangerously close to the edge of a cliff after a landslip. Four properties in Scarborough are affected. Another three homes had to be pulled down in 2008.

Roofs removed from homes that are dangerously close to the cliff Credit: ITV

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