County Durham soldier found with gun near to hand

An inquest has heard how a soldier found dead at his army base in Iraq in December 2008 was found with a gun close to his hand.

Corporal Toby Box, serving with the RAF, was called to the scene by a Warrant Officer.

He told the inquest that the soldier had shouted: "One of my lads has blown his head off."

Lance Corporal David Wilson was found slumped over a desk with a 9mm pistol close to his right hand. He had suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

Major Stocker told the inquest that soldiers were ordered to carry firearms at all times because of the danger of local contractors attempting a kidnap.


Inquest into soldier's death

An inquest into the death of Lance Corporal David Wilson, who was found dead in his base in Basra, Iraq, is taking place in County Durham.