'Devastated' netballers disqualified

A Newcastle school netball team has been disqualified from a national competition after an unintentional ten pence under payment in registration fees.

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Netball team disqualified for 10p shortfall

A netball team from a Newcastle school have been thrown out of a top competition because they accidentally paid too little in fees. Central Newcastle High School netball team have been disqualified from the national finals because the school accidentally paid 10p less than they should have.

Last season the school paid £24.00 instead of £24.10. They weren't notified of the shortfall and went on to play in the national finals. Unknown to them they were put on a debtors list so weren't sent an invoice for affiliation to England Netball this season and missed sending their fee.

Only when two of their teams qualified for the national finals did they receive a call saying they had actually been disqualified because of the none payment. The school paid the missing money immediately but have been told there's no way back into the competition.

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