Are you stressed out in the workplace?

Tests amongst an army of office workers have revealed just how stressed we are as a nation.

With the economy still sweating and cuts bringing a climate of nerves to the workplace, a new study reveals just how overloaded and stressed we are following tests in offices up and down the country.

  • More than a quarter of UK office workers admit to feeling stressed due to their job on a daily basis - with 41% of office staff working under dangerously high stress levels that could be affecting their health.
  • For one in five of us, the fear of losing our jobs is the primary cause of stress, and worryingly a third of those surveyed admitted to comfort eating just to battle their stress in the workplace.
  • The most stressful time of the week was first thing on Monday morning, and Wednesday came out as being the least stressful day of the working week.

A staggering 52 per cent of those tested work more 10 hours' unpaid overtime every week, contributing highly to stress levels.

When it comes to the most stressful industries it was HR and manufacturing that scored highly.

The wider study by Viking also highlights that it is the younger generation who feel most unappreciated at work, with over a quarter of 16-24 years olds feeling undervalued due to their bosses attitudes towards them.