Anniversary of "big freeze"

You might have thought that this past winter has been chilly - with a fair bit of snow - but it hardly compared to the winter people experienced 50 years ago. Read your memories of the big freeze of 1962/1963 here.

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1963: The last time the River Humber froze over

Ian Burrett wrote to us and sent in these pictures of the winter of 1962/1963 - the last time that the River Humber completely froze over.

The frozen River Humber Credit: Ian Burrett

"I'm not sure how often the Humber freezes but it certainly hasn’t done it since 1963.

Amazing when you consider it is tidal and therefore salt water.

Light ships were trapped in the ice for months.

We could have walked the two miles to Lincolnshire."

Ian built an igloo in the snow during the big freeze Credit: Ian Burrett
Children gather to sledge on the heavy snow during the winter Credit: Ian Burrett

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