Anniversary of "big freeze"

You might have thought that this past winter has been chilly - with a fair bit of snow - but it hardly compared to the winter people experienced 50 years ago. Read your memories of the big freeze of 1962/1963 here.

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"Neighbours all mucked in and helped each other out"

Jake Patterson sent in his memories of going to school during the big freeze of 1963 and about the community spirit at the time.

"I was eight-years-old in 1963.

"I can well remember being unable to see cars from the pavement as the snow was shovelled so high on the verges, you could only hear the chains on the wheels as they passed.

"I attended the Burgh school in Gala (with outside toilets), and the cream on our frozen school milk rising an inch over the bottle.

"The school as far as I can remember was never closed - all the kids at school loved being out in the playground up to our knees in snow everyday."

– Jake Patterson

"The kids from further afield were usually sent home early everyday as the buses could often not reach their destination.

"Our coal for the fire was always delivered, the shops were always open and neighbours all mucked in and helped each other out.

Heavy snow was always a great danger when it slid off the roofs of tall buildings, but you could hear it start to slide so you knew to stay close to the walls or get into a doorway."

– Jake Patterson

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