Paramedics praised for Middlesbrough baby rescue

A Middlesbrough mother has praised paramedics for saving her baby's life after her daughter was born at home 13 weeks early and not breathing.

Amy O'Riordan from Eston, tore daughter 2lb 5oz Jess from the embryonic sack and gave her mouth-to-mouth before paramedics arrived.

Then she handed the baby to paramedics with the words "please save her".

Now eight weeks on, tiny Jess remains in hospital, but has made good progress and now weighs 5lb 9oz.

It all began when Amy woke in the night with pains and felt the need to push despite being only 27 weeks pregnant.

She gave birth in her living room on a duvet while her partner Mark Thoms dialled 999.

Paramedics were sent to the scene and before they arrived Amy tore open the sack and picked out Jess, gently giving her mouth to mouth in the crucial minutes before help arrived.