Nissan to unveil new models

Car manufacturer Nissan is to unveil to new models that will be built at its Sunderland plant creating and safeguarding hundreds of jobs

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Nissan to unveil new models built at Washington plant

Carmaker Nissan is set to unveil two new models today as part of a move to launch fifteen models over the next three years.

The Nissan NOTE will be be built in Sunderland and will feature new technology which aims to reduce accidents.

Nissan have forecast sales of up to 100,000 for the first year of the new model.

The Nissan next generation LEAF will also be built at the North East factory as the world's first mass produced electric family car, charging in up to half the time of the current model.

The Sunderland plant had a record year in 2011 and again in 2012, producing half a million units – more than any car plant in the UK has ever produced.

Production of the LEAF is due to start later this month and the new Note will launch in June.

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