Guide to help carers of runaways to be launched across Tyne and Wear

Parents and carers of children at risk of running away can get help from a new guide to be launched in the region.

The Children's Society has created the guide which offers advice such as what questions will be asked by the police, to what to do when their child returns and why people run away.

The pamphlet includes contributions from the parents of children who have run away from home.

It will be trialled in three of the charity's retail stores - including in Tyne and Wear.

One child runs away from home in the UK every five minutes and two-thirds of cases are not reported to the police, according to research by The Children's Society.

It also reveals that a quarter of young runaways are forced to leave home, due to violence, abuse and chaos.

"The guide will be invaluable to all parents and carers. By having regular contact with the public and through raising awareness of the issue our shops can play a pivotal role in giving people the support they need in an emergency."

– Tina Fellstrom, retail operations manager at The Children's Society