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Transport charity responds to North East economic review

The Sustans charity, which promotes sustainable transport, has responded to the publication of the North East review to encourage economic growth in the region.

The charity welcomed some proposals, but also commented that they did not think that others were the answer to the congestion problem.

“Investing in roads is not the answer to congestion and won’t benefit the North East’s economy in the long term, however the report’s proposal to set up Transport North East and its focus on transport is welcome.

“Two thirds of journeys made by car are less than five miles and with these local trips responsible for many of our traffic and congestion issues it is vital we make it easier for people to walk, cycle and take public transport."

“Investment in walking, cycling and public transport has a key role to play in cutting congestion, increasing productivity and improving access to jobs which will ultimately make the North East a better place to live and work.”

– Tom Bailey, Sustrans Network Manager

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