Donations pay for Bali appeal

Donations through the charity site Just Giving have raised over £8,000 to help pay for Redcar grandmother Lindsay Sandiford's appeal against her death sentence in Bali.

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"At least a bullet is quick": Redcar woman's plea from Bali prison cell

Lindsay Sandiford, from Teesside, was sentenced to death for drug smuggling Credit: ITV News

Lindsay Sandiford, the woman from Redcar who faces a firing squad in Bali for drug smuggling, has declared that she'd prefer the death penalty rather than live through a life sentence.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, Mrs Sandiford says she suffers from arthritis and fears that she'll be unable to walk in ten years' time, adding "Sometimes I think 'Let them get on with it'".

56 year old Lindsay Sandiford lost her appeal against the death sentence last Monday. Credit: ITV News

The 56 year old admitted smuggling £1.6 million pounds worth of cocaine into Bali last year. She was sentenced to death despite helping Bali police convict other members of the drugs ring. Her lawyers appealed against the sentence on the grounds that it was harsh and unjust.

However that appeal was rejected by the Bali High Court last Monday. Mrs Sandiford has two weeks to lodge another - and final - appeal to the Indonesian High Court. If that fails, then only the President can grant her clemency.

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