Finance course offers knowledge and monetary gains

New housing association tenants in County Durham can earn money while learning how to manage their finances.

Social landlord Derwentside Homes is running a free six-week course for its tenants providing information about budgeting, savings, benefits and borrowing.

Those taking part will gain a Level 2 Financial Literacy qualification with the option to go on and take an accredited numeracy qualification.

The 62-year-old Dennis Lavery, from Blackhill, is semi-retired and now works part-time at a local supermarket.

"I heard about the course from Derwentside Homes and thought it sounded like something that could be very useful, especially at the moment.

"I think everyone is finding it a bit of a struggle right now so finding out more about how to manage money and make it go a little bit further is a big help.

"It's been great to meet new people and now if I ever have any financial problems in the future I know where to turn and how to deal with it."

– Dennis Lavery

New tenants who attend will also have their rent accounts credited with £30.

The idea for the course came from Michelle Graham, an employment initiatives officer at Derwentside Homes.

"Money is tight for everyone right now but being able to manage your finances effectively can make a big difference, which is why we decided to offer this free course to our tenants who were in need of this type of support.

"We've had really positive reports from those taking part and the demand is definitely there so we will be running another course in April as well as looking at offering a numeracy qualification too."

– Michelle Graham, an employment initiatives officer at Derwentside Homes