Miners celebrate Thatcher's funeral

Members of the Durham Miners' Association react to Lady Thatcher's funeral.

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Miners display "Thatcher's Prayer" banner on day of her funeral

Members of the Durham Miners' Association put up a banner displaying a "Thatcher's Prayer" in protest over the way her policies affected mining communities in the North East.

Miners unveil the banner in Easington Colliery Credit: ITV

The poem is a parody of the speech Margaret Thatcher famously gave on the steps of Downing Street after her election as Prime Minister in 1979 - which quoted St Francis of Assisi.

The miners' version reads:

"Where there are pits, may we bring destruction,

"Where there are communities, may we bring strife,

Where there is work, may we bring unemployment,

"Where there is hope, may we bring despair."

The Durham Miners' Association held an event on the day of the funeral to mark 30 years since the colliery closed Credit: ITV

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