Festival of the North East

A new festival celebrating the culture and heritage of the North East has been launched in Stockton.

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Festival of the North East launches in Stockton

The Festival of the North East was launched today. More than 150 events will run throughout June celebrating art, science, industry and history in the region.

Organisers say it is the first time a festival of this size has been held here.

'We're celebrating art and culture, heritage and industry, history and innovation. They're all things that happen right across the North East, from Etal in the north, right down to Saltburn in the south.

"We have 200 organisations, venues, artists and musicians. From the very big to the very small, everyone seems to have engaged in this festival. It's something which has sparked the imagination.'

– Mo Lovatt, Festival Manager

Highlights include; 'The Foghorn Requiem' where a concert will be conducted at Souter lighthouse using ships' horns, and 'Riveting Stuff' where budding engineers can perform hands-on experiments at Stockton's Tees Barrage.

There are also concerts, special exhibitions and art shows across the region.

For a full guide check the festival website

The festival is set to coincide with the return of the Lindisfarne Gospels.

The historic manuscripts, written in Northumberland, will be displayed in Durham for 3 months, on loan from The British Library in London.

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