Northumbria Police investigating disabled parking bay claims

A police officer could face disciplinary action after being photographed apparently parking in a disabled bay before using a cash machine in North Tyneside.

According to reports, the officer was in uniform and was on duty when he stopped at Battle Hill shopping centre, Wallsend, last Wednesday.

An angry member of the public took a photo of the marked Northumbria Police Volvo parked in a space reserved for disabled badge holders.

"They were only there for five minutes but if I did this, they probably would have given me a ticket.

"Neither of them looked disabled to me and I just think it's a disgrace that they can flout the law in that way."

– Member of the public, speaking to the Chronicle

Northumbria Police have begun an investigation.

"Inquiries are ongoing into the circumstances in which this patrol car was parked on this occasion.

"Police officers are not exempt from parking regulations, however, there are occasions when it's necessary for operational reasons, such as stopping offenders or assisting victims, to park in otherwise restricted areas.

"All staff are told that they must not park either illegally or inconsiderately and that contravening such regulations may lead to disciplinary action being taken against them."

– Chief Inspector Sarah Pitt