Darlington father jailed over drink-driving

A father from Darlington who was more than five times over the limit after driving his young children to nursery has been jailed for eight months.

Ian Lee Wilson crashed into a car waiting at traffic lights, then reversed into another car and almost ran over a driver as he tried to get away.

He almost ran over one driver trying to get away, Durham Crown Court heard, before a taxi driver blocked in Wilson's car and grabbed the ignition keys. Jennifer Coxon, defending, said Wilson had a series of problems and had developed an alcohol dependency and now takes depression medication.

"He ran into a vehicle that had stopped at the red traffic lights," said Ian West, prosecuting.

"The defendant tried to leave the scene by reversing. Fortunately the driver of the car behind was out of their vehicle at the time.

"The defendant effectively rammed the front of the vehicle behind in an attempt to escape."

– Ian West, prosecuting

Ms Coxon said he must have social services supervision when he now sees his children who are aged five, two and one.

Wilson, who admitted drink driving and dangerous driving at a previous hearing, was jailed for eight months and banned from driving for three years.

"The danger you put your children in that morning cannot be described.

"It's difficult to imagine a worse case of driving while over the limit."

– Deborah Sherwin, Recorder