Gateshead Council criticised over payout to top exec

As council's continue to face hefty cutbacks and redundancy programmes the latest town hall rich list shows one chief excutive from the region walked away with almost £400,000 last year.

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Full report: Gateshead Council criticised over payout to top executive

A list of top local authority earners reveals the chief exective of Gateshead Council,

Roger Kelly, retired with almost £400,000 last year.

Durham County Council has also been highlighted in the Town Hall Rich List, as having more than 20 executives earning £100,000 a year or more.

Councils have criticised the way the list has been compiled.

Gateshead Council says the figure included Mr Kelly's pension payout accrued over 25 years and that its senior management costs are actually coming down. But the Taxpayers' Alliance though insists the figure is still too much.

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