Di Canio rage over casino snaps

Sunderland AFC Manager, Paolo Di Canio, has cut Bardsley from the Tottenham game after he was pictured lying in a pile of £50 notes.

SAFC's Bardsley pictured lying in £50 notes

Paolo Di Canio has said 'it is important to respect the dignity of the club' after Sunderland AFC's Phil Bardsley was pictured lying on the floor of a casino in a pile of £50 notes.

Phil Bardsley lies in £50 notes Credit: PeterFTM365

Despite Bardsley denying being drunk, Di Canio has cut him from the team for their game against Tottenham.

Bardsley at the casino in Newcastle Credit: PeterFTM365

At a press conference Di Canio was asked about the pictures, he said:

"I don't want to change the culture of the people, but I told them the day before we will be more strict, I will judge you more carefully because now we need to improve"

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