Sunderland homophobic attack

Police say around 20 men and women were involved in an homophobic attack on a woman and her partner at a chip shop in Sunderland. Tyne Tees understands the episode lasted for around 15 minutes.

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"Frightening" homophobic assault lasted up to 15 minutes

Police are appealing for information after a homophobic hate crime took place in Sunderland.

A woman in her 20s was in a chip shop on Burdon Lane when she was approached by a group of approximately 20 youths just after 9pm on Friday 21 June.

A number of the youths then assaulted the woman, punching and kicking her and shouting abuse.

The woman fled the shop and called her partner, also a woman in her 20s, who arrived to try and help her.

However, the youths then subjected the second woman to the same physical and verbal abuse.

Both women were left bruised and badly shaken by the attack.

Tyne Tees understands that up to twenty men and women were involved in the assault. Police say the episode lasted 10 to 15 minutes.

"This must have been a frightening incident for these two victims and I would urge anyone who witnessed it or who has any information about it to contact police.

"Hate crime of any nature is not acceptable. Those who target or commit crimes against people because of their faith, race or sexual orientation, sexual identity or disability will not be tolerated in our communities.

"We take any allegations of hate crimes very seriously and are working to bring the offenders to justice."


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