Artwork commissioned for returning Lumiere festival

Organisers of Durham's Lumiere festival have revealed they have commissioned 30 new works for the event.

Lumiere was launched in 2009 and returned again in 2011.

The festival sees the centre of Durham lit up with artwork and will be running this year from 14th - 17th November.

40,000 people are expected to pass through the city centre each day of the event.

To tackle congestion problems experienced in 2011, the event will open earlier at 4.30pm and be ticket only until 7.30pm.

Local businesses will have passes for anyone who has to enter the centre for other reasons.

The gates will be removed at 7.30pm and people can then enter freely.

Visitors are being encouraged to use the city's 'Park and ride' and artwork will be featured in the areas where people will be waiting for public transport.

The one-way system rule is also being abolished this year.