Lost pigeon carries out military 'coo'

Paul the lost pigeon on board HMS Somerset Credit: Royal Navy

A wayward racing pigeon, thought to be from Teesside, has caused a bit of a military 'coo' by making home on a warship in the North Atlantic.

Paul the pigeon, which is actually a female, is thought to have lost her way and become exhausted 300 miles out to sea.

Paul with Credit: Royal Navy

But after landing on Royal Navy frigate HMS Somerset last Friday, the confused bird, believed to be from Redcar, has been adopted by the crew.

Now they are hoping to reunite the lost bird with her owner.Their feathered friend has a race ring around one leg and an identification ring on the other which reads NEHU NY 2012 1703.

Lieutenant Mark Gilbert, the ship's flight commander, said: "The Royal Navy is used to saving life at sea and providing assistance to those in need.

"Caring for a lost pigeon seems like a natural extension to our versatile capability."