25 year old man arrested in Twitter abuse investigation

Stella Creasy MP and Caroline Criado Perez
Stella Creasy MP (left) and Caroline Criado Perez Credit: Chris Ratcliffe/PA Wire

A 25 year old man has been arrested by Northumbria Police on suspicion of harassment. It follows an investigation into Twitter abuse aimed at feminist campaigner Caroline Criado Perez and Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy.

A police spokesman said: "The arrest will form part of two ongoing investigations relating to allegations made to police by two separate victims, who made reports of malicious communication to police on 25 and 29 July"

Ms Criado Perez had launched a campaign to have a woman's picture printed on a new banknote. This led to the announcement that Jane Austen would feature on the new £10 note. The campaign was supported by Stella Creasy. Both women have complained of being sent vicious tweets in the past week.