Cleveland and Durham in Europe-wide speeding crackdown

Durham and Cleveland Police are taking part in a campaign to tackle speeding drivers. It begins on 19th August for one week.It is being co-ordinated by the European Traffic Police Network. Officers will conduct speed checks to improve road safety by detecting motorists who ignore speed limits.

Each year, around 35,000 people die on the roads of Europe. In the Cleveland and Durham force areas, the majority of collisions where exceeding the speed limit has been a factor have occurred on 30mph roads.

If drivers are caught speeding, they may be issued with a fixed penalty of £100 and three penalty points as opposed to the previous £60 and three points. Eligible motorists will continue to be offered the opportunity to attend a Speed Awareness Course.

“Speeding is an issue which officers deal with every day, up and down and the country. It is a key factor in collisions and so it is imperative that we ensure that drivers adhere to speed limits in order to save lives and prevent serious collisions wherever we can.

“The national increase in fixed penalty notices will hopefully make people think again about breaking the law. This can only have a positive impact and therefore lives will be saved on the roads across the country.”

– Assistant Chief Constable Sean White

“As a joint unit we are working in partnership with our colleagues across Europe to educate drivers and carry out enforcement action against those who choose to drive above the speed limit.

“Whilst we want to educate drivers and work with them to highlight the dangers of speeding, those who choose to ignore the law can expect to be prosecuted for their actions. Drivers have a duty of care towards other road users and it is vital that we keep the roads in Cleveland and Durham as safe as we possibly can in order to save lives and prevent serious road collisions wherever possible.”

– Temporary Chief Inspector Ed Turner, of the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit