Would a longer walk to school benefit children?: Your views

We asked you to get in contact with ITV News with your views on a story we featured about proposed plans for children to walk further to school.

The idea is in relation to the growing number of obese children and would stop parents from parking or dropping children off close to the school gates.

This is what you thought:

"The idea of children being dropped 300 to 400 metres away could seem to be a good idea - although as a parent I feel it would have to be supervised by a teacher.

"Also, I think rather than something like this that has risks, couldn't we try cutting five minutes from other lessons and adding an activity of some sort into the school day?"

– Charlotte Gibson from Chopwell

"Parents need to be re-educated to not do everything by car.

"Children can easily walk a mile to school and the more that walk, the safer the streets will be to walk in."

– Rob Kerss from Wallsend

"I agree, but I think more needs to be done. Children should be taught about food nutrition and the effects of lack of exercise etc.

"If they had a good understanding of food nutrition, and the added benefit of exercise at an early age, they would be making the right choices on their own."

– Stephen McGee

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