Newcastle 'has rudest drivers'

Newcastle has the rudest drivers, according to a new survey by LV= car insurance.

Drivers in the city scored only 62% at indicating at a roundabout when turning right, placing the city firmly at the foot of the politeness table.

The observers found that female drivers were 5% more likely to indicate at a roundabout when turning right, 6% more likely to give way at a junction and 14% more likely to wait for a pedestrian to fully cross the road before driving on.

A total of 9% of drivers in Bristol and 6% in Newcastle upon Tyne were playing music at an excessive volume, while 7% of drivers in Edinburgh and 5% of drivers in London were observed tailgating.

See how other cities fared below:

  • 1. Cardiff
  • 2. Birmingham
  • 3. Sheffield
  • 4. Coventry
  • 5. Glasgow
  • 6. Nottingham
  • 7. Bradford
  • 8. Leicester
  • 9. Liverpool
  • 10. London
  • 11. Bristol
  • 12. Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh
  • 13. Newcastle