Northallerton Prison closure

HM Northallerton Prison is set to close as the Government announced the site for a new super-prison in north Wales.

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Proposed prison closure "based on suitability"

The Prison Service have released the following statement to ITV News about the proposed closure of Northallerton Prison under the Government's new plans to replace them with 'super-prisons'.

“The decision to close Northallerton is based on the suitability of the accommodation and the current levels of capacity in the region - it is not a reflection of the current performance of the establishment or its staff. “We have successfully managed prison closures to avoid compulsory redundancies and we will take the same approach. We will aim to achieve this either through redeploying staff or offering voluntary early departures.

“To provide best value for the tax payer we need a modern and fit for purpose prison estate, which is why we are replacing old and uneconomic places with new and efficient accommodation.”

– Spokesman for Prison Service

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