Support for Northallerton's unemployed

People facing unemployment are being given support following the news Northallerton is facing massive job losses as a result of the closure of its prison and Rural Payments Agency office.

Since then, the Local Area Partnership has started a programme of action.

This includes educating people who face job losses, help people set up their own businesses and helping potential employees network with potential employers.

“It is vital that we act now to support those at risk. RPA and the prison have provided Northallerton with an exceptionally skilled and motivated workforce that any employer would be proud to take on.”

– David Kerfoot, Chair of the Taskforce

“There aren’t many things that I can promise in this line of work, but I promise that if my staff want to attend one of these events, they will be able to. It’s crucial that we do everything we can to support them."

– Dave Munton, Deputy Governor of HMP Northallerton

An event will take place at a JobCentre+ jobs fair on October 17 at the town hall in Northallerton. A second event is planned for October 24.