Run Geordie Run: My feet feel like clubs of meat

Run Geordie Run has completed 41.08 miles on the third day of his charity race across Australia.

The fundraiser is hoping to finish a 2558 mile journey from Perth to Sydney.

But it seems his feet are already feeling the strain of the epic mission.


Feet feel like clubs of meat. Badly swollen. Losing ability to move my toes. Very similar to day 3 in the run across the USA.


I expect this swelling to last a couple of weeks. There is blood in my socks where the nail on one toe has caught the adjacent toe.


Run Geordie Run!

A North East fundraiser is jetting off today ahead of his latest challenge. Mark Allison, also known as Run Geordie Run, is planning to run across Australia. It's two years after a similar challenge he did in the USA.