Police ID body found in well

The body of a man found inside a storm well by workers at Northumbrian Water in Middlesbrough has now been identified.

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Body down a well post mortem inconclusive

Police have revealed more details about the body discovered at Cargo Fleet Pumping Station.

They said:

  • He was over 21 but under 40.
  • He had dark hair, possibly dark facial hair.
  • There are no reports of missing persons in the Cleveland area in relation to the discovery.
  • There is only access to the well on the site or by manhole
  • All manholes in Middlesbrough will be searched for signs of disturbance.
  • The site takes in storm water and sewerage. It is completely separate to any drinking water source.
  • He was found naked - it is possible his clothes had been washed off.
  • If the man did enter the system through a manhole, the currents are such he could have come from anywhere in Middlesbrough

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