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MEP reacts to Nissan EU warning

Fiona Hall, Liberal Democrat MEP for the North East, has given her reaction to the warning from Nissan about European Union membership.

Nissan's chief executive said he would 'reconsider' the company's future in the UK if it left the EU. The car manufacturer employs 6.500 people in the North East.

"This is a stark warning about the catastrophic damage the North East economy would suffer if we were to pull out, and it is one we cannot afford to ignore.

"Nissan is not just 6,000 jobs on Wearside, it is many thousands more across the region.

"Their importance to the North East can hardly be overstated.

"Fortunately I think Mr Ghosn is right when he says an exit is unlikely, because the business case for staying in is overwhelming.

"But the uncertainty that has been created by politicians putting their self-interest ahead of the region's economic well-being is already jeopardising investment."

– Fiona Hall, Liberal Democrat MEP for the North East

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