Head-on crash driver 'guilty'

A man, 22, has been sentenced to 8 years in prison after a head-on crash on a road in Northumberland killed a teenage passenger. Lucy Duggan, 18, was a rear-seat passenger in Martin Li's car.

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Police statement about road death sentence

Northumbria Police issued the following statement after Martin Li was jailed for 8 years for causing the death of Lucy Duggan, 18, on a road in Northumberland.

"Lucy Duggan died as a result of the actions of Martin Li, whose driving that day was the worst I have had to investigate in 15 years. "He had a total disregard for other people's safety and his driving was the equivalent to playing Russian roulette, driving at speed on the wrong side of the road on a blind bend. "

"He is now serving a considerable sentence and has been banned for ten years. I hope this sentence serves as a strong deterrent to young drivers who drive like Martin Li on a daily basis and put other people's lives at risk. While this is a significant sentence, it does not reflect the loss suffered by Lucy's family and the life changing affect this has had on the other four people who were seriously injured."

"I'd like to remind people that we also have the facility to monitor social media sites to seek out examples of bad driving and we will wherever possible take proactive action against those responsible which could see them sent to jail and disqualified from driving."

– Sgt Phil Patterson, Northumbria Police Motor Patrols

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