Homeland actor drops into university

Actor Damian Lewis with Newcastle University archivist Geraldine Hunwick Credit: Newcastle University

It's not everyday a famous actor decides to take a look around your library, but that's exactly what happened to Newcastle University on Monday (January 13th).

Damien Lewis, who is best known for his role in the Channel 4 series Homeland,used the Robinson Library to carry out some character research.

Mr Lewis was looking through the Gertrude Bell archives as he’s playing her married lover Charles Doughty Wylie in a new film.

He stars alongside Nicole Kidman, who plays Gertrude Bell, in a movie called Queen of the Desert by Werner Herzog.

Wayne Connolly, University librarian says:

The character he plays in the new film was considered the love of Gertrude Bell’s life."

"Charles Doughty Wylie was married and they had an unconsummated affair but it’s believed he is the reason Gertrude Bell never wed."

Damian was extremely interested in our archive as it contains correspondence between them and was able to give him a unique perspective on their relationship."

Now, we are looking forward to next year when the film is released.”