Don't store up health problems says NHS

Man with a stethoscope Credit: PA

People in Durham, Darlington and Tees are being encouraged to seek medical advice early and not store up health problems.

'The earlier, the better’ NHS campaign is aimed at nipping health problems in the bud and reducing unnecessary stays in hospital.

Mike Guy, medical director for Durham, Darlington and Tees area team for NHS England, says:

If you deal with a problem when you first realise something is wrong you will give yourself the best possible chance of getting back to full health quickly."

"Leaving a problem to get worse can put your long term health at risk."

There are many places where people can get quick medical advice easily."

" If you feel under the weather, why not pop into the local pharmacy, visit or call NHS 111 for advice on what to do."

"If the symptoms do not go away, then go and see your GP. Of course if it’s an emergency then go to A&E.”

The campaign is particularly targeting people aged over 60 years old and their friends and family.