'Depressed' penguins pick up after sunny spell

Penguins at Scarborough's Sea Life Centre hit the headlines last month when they were given a course of anti-depressants to cheer them up after several weeks of wet weather.

Now their owners have the best sign yet that spring has made the penguins happier - they have found a freshly-laid egg.

Breeding is a good sign of penguin pick me up Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Centre

“Our prayers were finally answered and the arrival of spring has certainly worked its magic on our penguin family,” said Lyndsey Crawford, a supervisor at the centre.

“There is no surer sign that they are feeling chipper again than the resumption of breeding activity.”

The Humboldt penguins pairing up to breed Credit: Scarborough Sea Life Centre

The egg was laid by a female called Pinky and is the first this spring, although there are signs that another female, called Piglet, may be about to produce the second.

If the eggs are viable it should be about 40 days before the centre hears the patter of tiny penguin feet.