Cheryl Cole: "When I had malaria I was given just one day to live"

The Newcastle pop star Cheryl Cole, who is returning as an X Factor judge this year, said when she was suffering with malaria she was given just one day to live.

Cheryl Cole contracted malaria on holiday in 2010 Credit: Ian West/PA

Cole contracted the disease on holiday in Tanzania in 2010. She has been back to East Africa for Sport Relief, to make a short film in a hospital in Uganda, and encourage people in the UK to donate money to buy mosquito nets and eradicate the disease.

She said: "When I climbed Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief five years ago it was honestly one of the hardest things I've ever done.

"The motivation lay in knowing it could help in eradicating malaria and ultimately saving lives by providing mosquito nets.

"I didn't for one minute think that only a year later I would get malaria myself and become so ill that at one point I was given 24 hours to live.

"It was the scariest thing you could ever imagine for me and for my friends and family.

"The pain I felt and went through, it's what so many people go through, all because they don't have a mosquito net which could save their life."