Former soldiers released on bail from Indian prison

Nick Dunn has been released on bail from prison in India. Credit: Family photo

Two former soldiers from the region held in an Indian prison since October have left jail this morning after a long battle by lawyers and their families to free them.

Nick Dunn from Ashington and Nicholas Simpson from near Catterick have been released on bail but must stay in India while they fight to have charges against them dropped.

A third man, Paul Towers from near York, remains in prison along with the captain of the ship they were working on. He was the most senior member of the six British men on board.

The prison in India where the men are being held. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

They were imprisoned almost six months ago after what they thought was a routine paperwork check aboard their security vessel Seaman Guard Ohio turned into them all being arrested.

Their company AdvanFort has always insisted the men were working to provide protection to other ships from pirate attacks, but the Indian courts have pressed weapons charges on the Brits.

Five of the six Britons were granted bail on Wednesday March 26 but have only just been released.

One of their bail conditions is that they can't leave the country. They could only return to the UK if charges against them are dropped.