Gazza's twitter row with fake account

Paul Gascoigne's twitter profile picture Credit: @gazza8gascoigne

Former England and Newcastle star Paul Gascoigne has got into a war of words on twitter with a user claiming to be the former footballer.

Gazza, who now lives in Bournemouth, campaigned to Twitter to remove the user who went by the name of @gazzaofficial.

Close friend Steve Wraith, who has known the Gateshead-born star for a number of years, confirmed that the account had been impersonating the star for months and had amassed a huge following.

In a tweet the real Paul Gascoigne, who goes by the name @gazza8gascoigne said " I'm not happy but what can I do. I might leave tweeting for a bit. I've never lied and if you know me i'm as honest as they come"